Wheeze, cough and ‘chest infections’ are common especially in the winter months. It is important to distinguish normal childhood wheeze from asthma. It is thought that over 1.1 million children in the UK suffer from asthma. The child with mild to moderate persistent asthma misses an average of 10 school days per year and the child with severe asthma misses 30 days per year. Lost school days effect the child’s self esteem, grades, sport activities, and relationships. The impact of the lost school days causes parents to miss work and be less productive when they are at work due to sleepless nights.

Identifying asthma correctly, optimising treatment and identifying any allergic triggers will make a significant difference in a disease that can often be treated very effectively. I can identify if your child has asthma, and provide clear, concise information on your treatment and how to give it. This allows for the formulation of an individualized treatment plan to keep the asthma under control and provide ways of dealing with it when symptoms flare.

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