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Food Allergy Testing

Many patients ask me about testing for food allergies and how this is done.  I have put together some videos below to help understand the basis of testing for different types of food allergy.


The other question I often get asked is ‘Will the test tell me how severe the allergy is?’.  Unfortunately no test is currently able to do this with accuracy as the reaction depends on co-factors.  The video below will hopefully explain how they work.

What are the different types of Food Allergy?

There are two main catergories of food allergy.  IgE mediated (immediate) and Non-IgE mediated (delayed).  There is confusion as to the difference between the two and the video below will hopefully help.

In addition many people think lactose intolerance is a food allergy.  This is not correct and infact lactose intolerance is caused by a deficiency of an enzyme that digests sugar  in milk, and is not related to an immune reaction.

How can we best manage the symptoms of hayfever?

Hayfever is very troublesome for those who suffer with symptoms.  It is often not taken seriously and therefore undertreated.  Did you know that you are 40% more likely to drop a grade between your mocks and final exams if you have poorly controlled hayfever, and 70% more likely to drop a grade if you are on the wrong antihistamine (eg Chlorphenamine).  See the videos below to ensure you are on the best treatment you can be, and that you are using it correctly.

Food Allergy Q&A with Dr Nick Makwana – Facebook Live

We recently did a live allergy Q&A with parents questions and covered a nubmer of topics including how allergy clinics run, is MMR safe in children with egg allergy, allergy to water, allergy to antibiotics, sulphite allergy and food allergy and eczema – check it out!


Cows Milk Allergy – Paediatric Commuter Podcast

This was a podcast to help junioro doctors understand cows milk allergy and which symptoms it may cause.  We covered IgE vs. Non-IgE mediated allergy, eczema and milk allergy, reflux and milk allergy, different types of hypoallergenic milk if mother is unable to, or does not want to breast feed and whiy introducing baked milk early is important.  Although targeted primarily at trainees, there is lots of useful information for parents as well.


Instagram Live with Lucy Upton (the childrens dietitian) & Dr Nick Makwana

I did an instagram live with Lucy Upton, a childrens dietitian with a specific interest and lots of experience in childrens allergy.  We work together to manage children with food allergy and she has lots of good and practical advice for you.

We covered LOADs but highlights you might find helpful;
⭐️ Different types of allergic reactions
⭐️ Allergy testing and diagnosis
⭐️ Eczema management
⭐️ What information to take to allergy appointments
⭐️ Reintroduction ladders
⭐️ Weaning in babies at high risk of allergy


Wellbeing for you and your family

We know that being a parent is a wonderful experience but can be stressful as well.  Always important to look after yourselves so you can be the best parents you can be and ensure a thriving child.