Patient Testimonials

Being both a father to two young children and a practising paediatrician with an interest in allergy, I am acutely aware that, as parents, we do worry about our children’s health and wellbeing. This may be because there is a particular concern or, at other times, because we want peace of mind that our child is healthy, happy and able to achieve their best.

  • "We were so glad we opted to see Dr Makwana, he answered all our concerns, was great with our child and so reassuring to know there is an option to waiting five months on the NHS"
  • "Very pleasant. Good bedside manner"
  • "Very happy with Dr Makwana, he talks to both my son and me, listens to us, very positive about my son’s progress"
  • "Demonstrates empathy for patient and delivers clear, easy to follow advice"
  • "He understood my allergy"
  • "Very happy with care given, thank you!"
  • "Dr Makwana is a outstanding doctor. Many thanks for your ongoing support. You make our visit worthwhile"
  • "It was like you waved a magic wand and things were better"
  • "Thank you Dr Makwana for never giving up till you found a treatment that worked for us"
  • "It was the first time she went through a whole school performance without having to leave because of running nose or appearance of an allergic rash"
  • "It was the first time someone believed us and the advice you gave made such a difference – he is getting on really well at school"
  • "Not only did your explanation of how to use a nose spray help our son, it sorted out why my husband’s hayfever hadn’t been controlled for so many years, so he thanks you as well!"
  • "Very clear, friendly approach"
  • "If returning to area would recommend seeing this doctor again"
  • "Dr Makwana has really helped and reassured me with my childs treatment and overall he is a fantastic doctor"
  • "Me and my daughter are very thankful to him. Thank you"
  • "The consultant was really good, polite and explained everything. He was thourough and informative. thank you"
  • "Excellent all round, friendly service, very well informed. excellent doctor"
  • "Very keen and interested in allergies. asset to the hospital"
  • "The doctor was very helpful, patient and explained everything clearly. he was easy to talk to and gave us enough time to discuss"
  • "Very satisfied with the consultation"
  • "I am very happy how the doctor looked after us and explain everything to us"
  • "Dr Makwana was lovely, he went into detail and made me feel at ease"

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